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From my base here in Cornwall, England, I offer support to individuals who are Neurodivergent (e.g. Autistic, Pathological Demand Avoidance/PDA, ADHD). In addition to supporting individuals and their families, I also offer training and consultancy to corporate organisations, educational settings, workplaces and social organisations. I am also a regular conference presenter.

I'm also a Regional Makaton Tutor with over thirty one years experience. To find out more please click the Makaton Tutor box.


Awesomely Neurodivergent, I help all to reframe their thinking about Autism, being Autistic and all areas of Neurodiversity. Feel free to explore my pages to find out more.

I also offer support and training for Neurodivergent individuals to better understand the Neurotypical world around ourselves.

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Mind The Gap
Bridging the Neurodivide CIC

Tigger Pritchard
Neurodivergent Advocate, Consultant and Trainer
Makaton Regional Tutor